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What We Do

Organizational Planning

 We provide a single college district or a multi-college district; surveys, metrics, organizational exercises that will assist your organizational needs for assistance with strategic planning, accreditation, and program review.

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Leadership Development

 The McPhail Group will assist you in growing your leadership team from within. Leadership happens at all levels, so we assess and monitor your college and its established leadership practices to meet the vision, mission, and goals of the organization. 

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Program Evaluation

Assessment is a continuous process. It is imperative that the proper tools are utilized, and effective assessment takes place so that the processes are aligned with the accreditation, planning cycles and budgetary needs of the college/district. 

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Career Advancement
When should you take your career to the next level? What questions should you ask and is your life ready for the change, today? The McPhail Group provides confidential coaching to assist in your career advancement needs. 

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