The President’s Role

Professional Development Matters: The President’s Role in Professional Development By: Christine Johnson McPhail Developing and training your team is one of the most important activities that a president can perform. Learning and growing your talent development skills to improve the performance of your employees is essential to both your success and the future success of … Read more

Have a Strategy for Your Strategy

Have a Strategy for Your Strategy Leaders are encouraged to lead by culture management. I call leaders that have successful culture management experiences, Culture Management Strategists (CMS). What are the behaviors of a CMS? Effective Culture Management Strategist demonstrate the ability to monitor, manage, care for, and update their cultural forces. Promoting this notion of … Read more


Communicate. Communicate. Communicate.  Communicate. Communicate. Communicate. The communication between top management and stakeholder groups needs to be sufficient for creating and sustaining healthy organizational cultures. The leaders at the institution must explicitly pass on necessary information to all concerned so that interested parties are aware of tasks expected of them and when they are supposed … Read more