Have a Strategy for Your Strategy

Have a Strategy for Your Strategy Leaders are encouraged to lead by culture management. I call leaders that have successful culture management experiences, Culture Management Strategists (CMS). What are the behaviors of a CMS? Effective Culture Management Strategist demonstrate the ability to monitor, manage, care for, and update their cultural forces. Promoting this notion of … Read more


Communicate. Communicate. Communicate.  Communicate. Communicate. Communicate. The communication between top management and stakeholder groups needs to be sufficient for creating and sustaining healthy organizational cultures. The leaders at the institution must explicitly pass on necessary information to all concerned so that interested parties are aware of tasks expected of them and when they are supposed … Read more

Align Priorities and Strategic Plans

Align Priorities  Align Priorities and Strategic Plans with Organizational Culture. It may be no surprise that your strategic plan may not be consistent with your organization’s culture. For example, if your institution’s culture focuses on access and winning athletic teams and your strategic plan involves ramping up completion outcomes, employees may resist the need to … Read more

Behavior Matters

Behavior Matters Behavior Matters. An important aspect of the leader’s job is to provide clear operational structures for subordinates which means giving subordinates a definable scope of work, providing specific guidance, and clarifying organizational structures, policies, rules, and procedures. Start at the top! The leaders at the top must demonstrate the behaviors they want to … Read more

7- Seven Minute Leadership Brief Series

Redesigning Leadership for 21st Century Institutions   This blog series is the first of an eight-series leadership development model devoted to Redesigning Leadership for 21st Century Institutions; eight insightful Leadership Briefs which can be implemented to inspire leaders to achieve best practice when working with and developing their people and institutional effectiveness. You can read this … Read more