7- Seven Minute Leadership Brief Series

Redesigning Leadership for 21st Century Institutions


This blog series is the first of an eight-series leadership development model devoted to Redesigning Leadership for 21st Century Institutions; eight insightful Leadership Briefs which can be implemented to inspire leaders to achieve best practice when working with and developing their people and institutional effectiveness. You can read this brief in less than 7 minutes!

Every leader stepping into the job for the first time begins with big dreams of success, but without steadfast determination and careful attention to the culture of the institution, the chance of failure is high. The beliefs, ideologies, principles, and values of an organization form its culture. What people feel, think, and believe is reflected and shaped by the way they do things at the institution. Developing sensible culture management habits early on is critical to the leader’s success.  Take seven minutes to read this Brief and consider whether you’re already practicing the following culture management habits or if it’s time to enhance your practices.


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