Align Priorities and Strategic Plans

Align Priorities 

Align Priorities and Strategic Plans with Organizational Culture. It may be no surprise that your strategic plan may not be consistent with your organization’s culture. For example, if your institution’s culture focuses on access and winning athletic teams and your strategic plan involves ramping up completion outcomes, employees may resist the need to work harder and faster at improving student success. Similarly, if your culture emphasizes decentralization and your strategy calls for centralization, your staff may show up late for your meetings or miss them all together. Too many employees walk away from institution-wide meetings wondering how a new initiative translates into the work they do. To avoid a disconnect or gap between leadership vison and execution of strategies, leaders must offer clear, well-defined examples of how strategic interventions lead to improved performance and relevant institutional outcomes. (Read my article, Fighting the Execution Gap Syndrome: Real Strategies for Student Success (May 2015). POV, Community College Week)

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