Make Social Media Your Friend

Social Media 

Make Social Media Your Friend. It is no surprise to anyone that¬†social media has changed the leadership landscape. While social media may never become your BFF, it should be in the close friend category. The most conservative leaders now understand that issues and ideas can spread virally across organizational units. Information can also spread from the top of the organization and the bottom of the institution. Insightful leaders are using social media to share information and news about the system. Leaders can also use social media to promote change. For example, people may be less resistant to changes in “the way we do things around here” when the news is brought to them via social media by friends or trusted colleagues rather than from a meeting called by upper management. The impact of social media is highly visible in almost every aspect of the workplace. The use of social media is not optional for today’s leaders, and it is one of the most efficient channels to connect with internal and external stakeholders.

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